Surfing in Morocco has become very popular, with world class waves and 300 days of sun per year it’s no wonder why. Especially during the months of November to May when the Moroccan coastline lights up with winter swells from the Atlantic Ocean. Forget about your winter coat though, because the pleasant 20-25 degree daytime temperatures make the country an ideal escape from winter.

Surf spots in Morocco

In our spot guide you will find the best surf spots situated along the 2000 km long Moroccan coastline. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional surfer, you will find the ideal wave for you! Take advantage of this surfing mecca and start planning your trip with the season guide below. Our team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions about surfing in Morocco.

Learning to surf in Morocco

Is it your first time standing on a surfboard, want to brush up your rusty surf skills, or simply fancy a cool beach tour with nice people? Then check out our surf packages and our surf guiding offers. Our friendly team, consisting of Aziz, Janina and Omar, look forward to surfing with you and assuring you have an unforgettable time throughout your stay!

Do you have more questions regarding surfing? Then check out our FAQ section or contact us directly, we’ll be happy to help.

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Season Guide

Swell Air Temp Sea temp Wetsuits
Sept - Nov 4 - 8 ft 25°C - 30°C 18°C - 21°C shorts/shortie
Dec- Feb 4 - 15 ft 18°C - 26°C 16°C - 18°C 3/2 full suit
Mar - May 4 - 6 ft 20°C - 30°C 18°C - 20°C 3/2 full - short arm 3/2
Jun - Aug 2- 4 ft 25°C - 30°C 21°C + Shorts / vest