The perfect wave…


Everyone who has ever been standing the first wave, knows this feeling. The incredible power of the ocean , the waves , the moon, which appears on a transfer itself . This inexplicable bond with the forces of nature . This incredible and limitless freedom that you feel at this moment. The happiness, when you have managed to surf the wave. And this irrepressible need of ´again´ !!!

Everyone who has ever been surfing a wave, also know how addictive it is. You always want more, always more and more. As a beginner, your totally satisfied by the 3 seconds standing on the board in the white water.


Then, to the 15 seconds. And once you get to manage to stand your first green wave, there is no turning back from that moment, there is only one aim: The perfect wave!

Banana Point

And at this point, are splitting the ghosts & spirits…

Blog by Stephanie Rauen

50 thoughts on “The perfect wave…”

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