Line Up Rules

Not fun, but important is to respect some rules at surfing. For a good time in the line up with the other surfers, should everybody respect some rules. It´s important to avoid accidents and of course arguments with other surfers in the line up.         The rules you should respect and not …

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Morocco – a different Surftrip!

Are you looking for a special surfing experience? Only 4 flight hours from Northern Europe is one of the best surfing destinations in the world – Morocco. In addition to world-class waves and unique point breaks, here in the Orient you will find a mysterious culture and a very special hospitality.

The perfect wave…

Everyone who has ever been standing the first wave, knows this feeling. The incredible power of the ocean , the waves , the moon, which appears on a transfer itself . This inexplicable bond with the forces of nature . This incredible and limitless freedom that you feel at this moment. The happiness, when you …

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The 5 best yoga poses for surfers

What do the pro surfers like Kelly Slater, Rochelle Ballard and Gerry Lopez have in common? All of them have been practicing yoga for years. Not only did it help them to be successful in surfing, yoga also brought them further in their daily life.