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The right sun protection

Sonnenschutz beim SurfenReally? A blog for sun protection. Is it really necessary? Yes it is. The experienced surfer know that a good sun protection is as necessary as a good board. As a red tomato in the line up you are not even an eye catcher, but also you bring your health in danger.





Here you get to know 4 very important facts you should know about sun screen/protection!

1. Sunscreen

There are two different sunscreens. One is working in the physical way and the other one in the chemical way. The chemical sunscreen you should put half in hour in advance on your skin before jumping in. But the physical one you can put just before you are about going into the water.

2. The SPF factor of your sunscreen

The SPF factor of your sunscreen is extending the time you can stay in the sun. So if you use SPF factor 30 you can stay with skin type 1 2,5h – 5h in the sun. As well it is important that your sunscreen is not only protecting you from the UV-A also from the UV-B.

3. Zink

Zink is the perfect way to protect you from the sun. It is thicker and also not going off in the water. And now you find zink in a lot of different funny colors.

4. Neos, Lycras & Boardshorts for sun protection

Your wetsuit is not only keeping you warm in the water. It also protects you from the sun. So when it is getting to warm, it is from advantage to use a lycra with 50 SPF factor.








Line Up Rules


Not fun, but important is to respect some rules at surfing. For a good time in the line up with the other surfers, should everybody respect some rules. It´s important to avoid accidents and of course arguments with other surfers in the line up.





The rules you should respect and not forget on your next surftrip you will get to know in our new blog right here:

1) Too many are too much

Too many surfers aren´t fun in the line up. Of course you should learn how to share waves, but on arrival at the surfspot you should seperate your group, if you would be too many people on one spot in the water.

2) Be polite

not only to the rest of the surfers in the water, also to nature. Don´t throw your cigarettes and your plastic away. Keep clean what makes you happy.

3) More is less

jump in only if you feel really confident enough. In worst cas you will hurt yourself or other surfers in the water.

4) Keep control

take over control over your board. No one needs a surfboard in the line up without surfers. Would be dangerous for you and for all other surfers in the water.

5) Give way

One of the most important rules, you always should keep in mind is: Give way. Like traffic like line up. The one who is closer to the peak is first and if someone is already in the wave, don´t drop in.

6) Relax

relax and be polite don´t swear loud it´s giving bad vibes. Stay relaxed and it will work out with the next wave 🙂

7) Less is more

choose your wave carefully. If you think this is your wave take it and let the other waves for other surfers.

8) Falling with style

Everybody is falling, important is to fall correctly. If you fall it´s better to fall next or behind your board. Then you avoid to get hit by your own board.

9) Stretch yourself

Even if you can´t wait. On the way to the water take your time to stretch your body. Then you don´t risk injuries and you can enjoy the waves a lot longer.


Surf Warm up at home, how I keep my fitness ready for the waves!

Surf Warm UpOf course your personal surf warm up should start earlier then on the beach. If you would like to get a real surfer start your preparation already at home your fitness will be required in the line up…. Otherwise you will hang more on your surfboard then surfing the waves.





Here are five easy tipps to get ready for your next wave in your daily life:

1) Swim, swim and swim…

Go regular to swim is the best methode to get ready for your next surf adventure. The movement between paddeln and swimming is very similar and use the same muscles. In addition you need a lot of cardio which is required for surfing as well.

2) Practice, practice and practice…

yes practice on a dry place for stability and balance. To get your next good wave you, there are many good exercises to do to improve your balance and stability.

3) Run, run and run…

Go jogging is not only perfect for your cardio, it´s also perfect after a long day at work or uni. At least fresh air and nature in your nose, when there aren´t any waves to see.

4) Breath, breath and breath…

Everybody is familiar with. When we´re excited, we forget to breath regular. But to have a constant breath is so important. To breath deeply will help you get through the line up and have so much more and long fun in the waves. A long breath can even safe your life, if a big set is coming in.

5) Yoga, yoga, yoga…

Yoga has a lot of positive effect to surfing. Yoga gives you strength, flexibility and helps to improve your balance. All three things are more than important for surfing. The breathing techniques at you yoga can help you to release stress and relax more in the line up. Forget your daily life for a little moment and check out our article about the best 5 poses of Yoga for surfers and practice it where you are right now.

… All in all it´s of course important: To travel as much as you can 🙂 Before your surfing holiday is after your surfing holiday! Constant watersport and waveriding is the best opportunity to be fit for your next waves!


The perfect wave…


Everyone who has ever been standing the first wave, knows this feeling. The incredible power of the ocean , the waves , the moon, which appears on a transfer itself . This inexplicable bond with the forces of nature . This incredible and limitless freedom that you feel at this moment. The happiness, when you have managed to surf the wave. And this irrepressible need of ´again´ !!!
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