The 5 best yoga poses for surfers


What do the pro surfers like Kelly Slater, Rochelle Ballard and Gerry Lopez have in common? All of them have been practicing yoga for years. Not only did it help them to be successful in surfing, yoga also brought them further in their daily life.

What’s the connection between surfing and yoga?

Yoga and surfing are the perfect combination. Yoga helps you develop your strength, flexibility and balance, which are all essential for surfing. This is not all. The breathing technique helps you reduce stress, which can be of value when facing a large wave charging towards you. Physically yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape, prevent injuries, warm-up before jumping in the water or to stretch after a long surf session.

5 reasons why surfers should practice yoga:

1. One of the biggest advantages of yoga is to learn the correct way of breathing.
2. Breathing through your nose expands your lung capacity and enables you to hold your breath longer.
3. Long and calm breathing helps you prevent panic.
4. With yoga you establish body tension, body control and balance.
5. In the water your muscles are constantly tense. Yoga enables you to stretch your muscles and prevent your body from aching the next day

1. Adho Mukha Svanasana


Downward-facing dog is one of the most famous postures in the westerly world, always practiced at the end of each sun salutation. The downward facing dog stretches shoulders, calf muscles and strengthens your shoulder muscles. In addition it relaxes your nervous system.

2. Garudasana


Eagle pose stretches the top part of your back and your shoulders. This yoga posture is a must before and after a long paddle session. Top back and shoulders are used/challenged most during surfing and you will surely feel it the next day if not cautious.

3. Malasana


Do you know the feeling of having like a cramp in your hip whilst longingly waiting for the next wave? With this posture you can prevent cramps and open up your hips.

4. Virabhadrasana


Warrior II helps you find your balance and stretch your legs, shoulders and hips. Once feeling comfortable in the warrior II posture, you will sense your whole body regenerating and your concentration raising.

5. Urdhva Mukha Savasana


Just by looking at the picture you will most likely recognize why this posture is good for surfers. The cobra represents the same movements like the take off on your surfboard. Cobra enables you to open up your chest, shoulders and throat.

We advise you to seek out a yoga teacher prior to practicing these yoga postures at home and to prevent any injuries.

Have fun!

Yours Janina